GameFi其實就是一種遊戲性質的DeFi,在遊戲中加入金融的元素,強調「Play to earn(邊玩邊賺)」的概念。一邊享受遊戲樂趣,還能夠一邊賺取收益。


有3D機甲NFT遊戲「Mech Master」、劇情冒險體驗結合NFT的「Faraland」、把遊戲中所需裝備建立在NFT系統上的「MyMasterWar」、和結合消消樂遊戲以及RPG策略的「HeroVerse」。

【閱讀全文】📎GameFi是什麼?GameFi遊戲推薦4大必玩!GameFi排名及飛船 GameFi 3分鐘話你知!






What is GameFi? 4 Must-Play GameFi Game Recommendations!

As NFT and metaverse terms are gradually becoming known to the public, the word “GameFi” is often mentioned by everyone who pays attention to the blockchain.

GameFi is actually a game-like DeFi system that adds financial elements to the game, emphasizing the concept of “Play to earn”. While enjoying the game, you can also earn money at the same time.

The article will introduce the top four GameFi games on the leaderboard.

There are 3D mech NFT game “Mech Master”, “Faraland” which combines the story adventure experience with NFT, “MyMasterWar” which builds the equipment required in the game on the NFT system, and “HeroVerse” which combines the matching game and RPG strategy.

[Read the full article]📎What is GameFi? GameFi games recommend 4 must-play! 3 minutes to know GameFi rankings and ships GameFi!

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YYG Energy是為建構新興能源價值鏈所生。讓新能源走向自由化、分散化、去炭化、和數位化,讓每一位用戶都能成為能源的主人。能源共享的時代即將來臨,快一起加入我們,讓利益共享,環境共生。

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YYG Energy

YYG Energy是為建構新興能源價值鏈所生。讓新能源走向自由化、分散化、去炭化、和數位化,讓每一位用戶都能成為能源的主人。能源共享的時代即將來臨,快一起加入我們,讓利益共享,環境共生。