🔍Industry Observation | “Thermal Response” and “Cool Thinking” in the Pilot Phase of Energy Internet

Have you felt closer to the new energy♻, after joining our DeFi mining system⛏? Today we are going to share specialists perspectives of the development of energy IoT🤩

📎Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute of Tsinghua University, China: “Thermal Response” and “Cool Thinking” in the Pilot Phase of Energy Internet:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/NDGJChGgm7K-QRcPjjwsqA

It is mentioned in the article: “The energy IoT should be viewed in the energy of local conditions and the relative definition of the integration of cold, heat, electricity, and gas. The energy IoT embodies the multi-energy complementation and comprehensive utilization of different heterogeneous energies, and it also depends on the use of the Internet. The technology restores the commodity attributes of energy.”

YYE Energy adapts blockchain technology connecting the IoT cloud, AI cloud, Energy cloud, which provides users and investors with a dynamic trading platform. When users charge their electric bikes, investors will get YYE rewards, which will achieve using IoT and blockchain creating economic value.💰

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YYG Energy

YYG Energy

YYG Energy是為建構新興能源價值鏈所生。讓新能源走向自由化、分散化、去炭化、和數位化,讓每一位用戶都能成為能源的主人。能源共享的時代即將來臨,快一起加入我們,讓利益共享,環境共生。