YYE PreSale❗️Your Only Chance to Reserve Token with Discount

Thank you so much for supporting us🚀
✅ Project has so far been reported by over hundreds of press worldwidely.
✅ Over 150k users joining our Online Communities.
✅ Energy technology supported by Tesla affiliated team.

Know Us More: https://www.yiyuandianli.io
White Paper: https://www.yiyuandianli.io/YYE-white-paper.pdf

On the 17th of Sep YYE Energy will start the PreSale Event (-30th of Sep). Token holders can join our Green energy ecosystem by joining Blockchain DeFi, which estimated APY is 1200%🤑.

Reserve your 1000u YYE Token on DeFi Website NOW: http://yye-energy.io

✅Step Instruction:
1.Scroll to the “YYE Pre-Sale” area on our DeFi Website
2.Press “Join Now!” to Pre-Sale page
3.Transfer BUSD to assigned YYE official wallet 0x8d8bf7820f13CFea308EE23ee7Fa1DceE9F5b6C0
4. Press “Start” below to complete the google sheet
5. Equivalent amount of YYE Token will be transferred back to your wallet on the 18th of October
*Google sheet is only for double confirmation, the order of your successful purchase depends on your BUSD transaction.
*Please do not transfer your BUSD from the exchange wallet! Please use cold wallet eg. Trust, Metamask



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YYG Energy

YYG Energy

YYG Energy是為建構新興能源價值鏈所生。讓新能源走向自由化、分散化、去炭化、和數位化,讓每一位用戶都能成為能源的主人。能源共享的時代即將來臨,快一起加入我們,讓利益共享,環境共生。